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House cleaning can be a frustrating part of our daily lives. From the constant laundry, dirty dishes, and vacuuming, one may wonder if this will ever end. However, we’ve compiled a few quick tips on how you can increase efficiency and lower the time it takes to clean your home.

1) Stay on Top of Things

The secret to quick cleaning is to not let the work pile on. We suggest making a habit of putting things into their places as you go. Put those two plates in the dishwasher right away instead of letting them collect.

2) Put on Some Upbeat Music

Upbeat music can prove to be very effective while cleaning the house. It not only motivates us but also makes the job more fun. One of the strategies I use in my cleaning is to divide the cleaning segments according to each song. For example, each Sunday you might find me decluttering my cupboard while “shaking it off” with Taylor Swift.

3) Store Items Where They Belong

Start by keeping items into their respective places. This not only reduces the amount of time it takes to clean your home, but it’s also a good habit to foster.

4) Use a Laundry Basket

While cleaning, we suggest keeping a laundry basket with you at all times to put all the random items that you may find. This includes the shoes in the living room that belong in the closet upstairs or the box of cheese-its that belong in the kitchen. Instead of making numerous trips, you can simply kill two birds with one stone by organizing your home and decreasing clean-up time.

5) Carry Your Cleaning Supplies With You

We’ve all been there, in the excitement of spring-cleaning, we not only want to wash the windows but also dust furniture and maybe use some air freshener while we’re there. Instead of constantly going back and forth to each room grabbing the respective cleaning supplies, we suggest carrying all the items with you making the task of spring-cleaning much easier.

6) Use Top-to-Bottom and Left-to-Right Strategy

While cleaning the surfaces or rooms in general, use the top to bottom and left to right technique. Go to the extreme left of the room and start from top to bottom. So that any crumbs from the above surfaces that might fall down can be cleaned instantly. The left to right strategy makes sure that nothing is left behind and it also saves you from going around in circles.

7) The S-Pattern

Instead of going into circles, we suggesting using the S-shaped pattern while cleaning surfaces. This will make cleaning more efficient.

8) Vacuum the Whole House at the End

Only after you are done with everything else, then you should vacuum the floors. Why? Because then you’re not constantly trying to clean up stuffed animals, socks and toys from the floor all the while trying to vacuum crumbs from the floor.

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